Saturday, February 13, 2010

What Have you done for eternity Lately?

What have you done for eternity lately?

Are you living day to day constantly fighting and struggling to make it through only to find yourself back where you started the day before? Are you living your life with no worries at all?
Are you aware of the millions of people who don't have what you have but yet you still want more? Do you find yourself thinking about mostly your own problems?

Now that you are thinking about these questions...if you took an inventory of your day and journaled every single thing you did, what would be left of your day that you could say---yes...I did that for you Lord...Yes...this will stand the fire on the day of judgment and be worthy of the kingdom of heaven. How much of your day would pass this test? Frightening thought huh?

Several months ago, I began to ask myself these questions and came to the conclusion that I could not honestly believe that my thoughts, my words, or my deeds had much to do with living kingdom minded, BUT had a lot to do with concerns of this was heartbreaking to think about how much time, money, relationships, etc...I had wasted by not investing every ounce of Jesus I had into what really mattered. Sure we can all look at ourselves and say "Well that's not me, I do plenty for people, I'm a nice person, I'm doing everything I should as a Christian, I'm not selfish becasue I'm kind, fogiving, and loving.." Oh yeah??? I guarantee you that most of us are only fooling ourselves. Not purposely, but this is how we were taught in American's all about appearance, and a little do good here and do good there and it's all good. Right?
Well I wasn't satisfied with that...There was a restless well inside of my soul that was thirsting for more of something I couldn't identify, but i had concluded that I didn't solely want to be a Christian singer or songwriter. There had to be more than standing on a stage in front of people wearing my cutest outfits and flaunting my highlighted hair, trying to live up to a falling market of advertisement, belting out some music and saying a few words about God to people who were hungry, lost, tormented, and hurting. Was that really enough to say I was doing all I could for God?
So I began to search God with all of my heart, my mind, and soul through prayer, fasting & weeping. I began to saturate my thoughts in the word of God and the closer I drew to him, the deeper he took me to his was a scary place at first..overwhelming with the cries of millions of lost souls, the pain and tears of those who barely live off of $1 a day, the ones who have no place to rest their head or eat a decent meal, no healthcare, the ones who are being abused, the ones who are in chains and bondage of addictions and captors, the ones who were dying and being persecuted for the name of Jesus...and what could I do about it? It was all so frightening to think if this were me, who would help me and hear my cries? Why aren't people listening? Does anyone care out there? Is this all there is?

Then God began to open my eyes to his way of selfless love, mercy, kindness, compassion, hope,and goodness. What I was doing with my life wasn't wrong, and it wasn't NOT enough. I was doing the best I could with what I had - the only way I knew how. God certainly gives each of us talents and gifts to use for his glory and places us exactly where we need to be in life. However, we begin to learn on this spiritual journey that there is more than just our lives going on in this world, and we have a unique opportunity to do things that 3/4 of the world cannot with our wealth as individuals, a church, and as a country in America. It's not the American nature (anymore) to be concerned about the rest of the world since it doesn't seem to affect us...but as we know, our nature is not like God's nature...perhaps we would understand if we went to die on a cross for someone we hadn't met yet, for something we never did, to give them something they might not even care to accept. I wanted that kind of love so much that I was willing to change my whole life for it..I wanted to stop living the illusion that I was being enough and do something about it...

Don't get me wrong...doing things for God will not get you into heaven and will not score you any game points with God. The only way to get to heaven is to accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior by faith and believe that he died and rose again on the cross for your sins. However, the greatest of all commandments as declared by Jesus himself is to love the Lord with all your heart, mind, and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself.
So I've set out on a mission to live my life everyday for the kingdom of God. There are different ways I do that, but each one of us has a different life, so what's my path is not going to be the same as yours and vice versa.
There are billions of ways to do that...but we have to do it on purpose. Every action will lead to a reaction and it can cause a revolution of love, compassion, and faith. So No More Do Nothing...Be Something!


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